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I’m so excited to announce that I am officially a Whole30 Certified Coach.  My husband and I began our Whole30 journey in September 2015.  I started seeing Whole30 pop up on Instagram and saw the Whole30 book for the first time at a friends house.  I downloaded all of the free resources online and didn’t have any of the books until after I started my first round of Whole30 on September 1, 2015.

For those of you that may be new to the Whole30, here are the basics.  Whole30 is a 30 day reset where you remove potentially inflammatory foods from your diet for 30 days and then reintroduce each food group one by one during the reintroduction stage. It has some similarities to the Paleo diet in that you remove dairy, legumes and grains, however, you also eliminate added all sugar, alcohol, msg, carrageenan, and sulfites.  And, no creating junk food from compliant ingredients.

After years of digestive issues, I was sick and tired of always feeling like crap.  I was really hoping for some relief and answers with Whole30.  I was pretty determined to get through the 30 days, even with so much taken out of my diet. Every time I told someone about Whole30 and what was on the “No” list, they looked at me like I was crazy.  No grain, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no alcohol, and no soy, no carrageenan, no MSG, no sulfites, and no “junk food”.

Right away, I went though serious sugar withdrawal which I didn’t expect.  I can definitely say that the sugar cravings and dreams of brownies and cookies were rough, but I noticed a difference in my digestive issues within the first five days.  I knew I had to get through the 30 days to really understand what my issues were.

With the re-introduction process, I was able to find what was triggering my digestive issues which was such an amazing feeling.  I was able to determine that soy is  my main issue, however, dairy also causes me issues.  Beyond that though, I was surprised by the deep sleep I was getting, my energy level was way up and I wasn’t crashing every afternoon,  my foggy brain was gone, my adult acne was going away, and I lost 10 pounds.  It is truly astonishing to think that all of this was happening because I was changing what I was eating.

I am so grateful to have stumbled across the Whole30 program and I think it is such a powerful tool for so many people.  My husband and I have completed 4 full rounds of Whole30 and many “mini” resets.  What was so helpful from the start was pre-planning meals and prepping food and ingredients so I was able to get Whole30 compliant meals ready easily. I didn’t want to have any excuses to deviate from the program because I was too tired, or too stressed to cook.

What I ended up doing was creating a meal plan calendar and a meal prep guide to help me utilize ingredients that I already had on hand while also creating my meal plan and grocery list for any additional items I would need for the week.  I have linked both of these tools for you to download free here.  I use a Saturday – Friday week because I do my meal prepping on the weekends. I have also included a calendar without days entered so  you can customize it to what works best for you.

I  have recently added a Reintroduction template to help you with your fast track reintroduction. There is a sample template with suggestions for each reintroduction as well as a template where you can customize your reintroduction if you would prefer.

Looking for a Certified Whole30 Coach to help guide you through your next Whole30? I’m taking clients for September Whole30.  You will get 3 coaches to guide your Whole30 journey. This will include 7 weeks of coaching beginning September 7, 2020.  We start with 1 week of prep work where you will learn everything about the rules, shopping guide, meal template, meal plans, recipes, and so much more.  Your 30 day Whole30 reset officially begins September 14th.  We will be coaching you every day in a private Facebook group, with weekly Facebook live events.  We will be working with you to change your relationship with food and helping you gain understanding of what foods work best for you.  The Reintroduction phase is critical and we have 14 days of guidance to help you pinpoint problematic foods.  If you would like more information about my September Whole30 group, please complete the contact information below.

meal plan calendar

meal plan calendar-customizable

Meal Prep Guide

Whole30 Reintroduction template2

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