My name is Kimberly, I am a California native and my family has lived in the Central Valley for three generations.  My grandparents on both sides of my family had home gardens and grew a variety of fruits and vegetables.  I have great memories of picking fresh produce and learning to cook in their kitchens.  Food and wine have always been the center of our family gatherings.  Always casual.  Always fresh.  Always homemade.

Cooking and entertaining is what I enjoy doing when I’m not working and traveling. After many years of digestive issues, I turned to Whole30.  Through my many rounds of Whole30 I was able to discover that soy and dairy were the foods causing the majority of my digestive issues.  During this time, I also learned that meal prep and planning are two important keys to getting healthy meals on my table.  Over the past few  years, I have changed how I cook and primarily cook Paleo and Whole30 style meals.  Cooking fresh and seasonal meals is my goal.  This blog is just a space to keep my recipes and share them with family and friends.